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I have a check box and a text box. I have used struts tags and

Now i need to validate that if the check box is checked, i should gray out (disable) the text box. If it is unchecked the text box shold take phone numbers.

I did lik this, i called a java script on click of check box and did a innerHtml based on wheather checkbox ix checked or not.

var status_check=document.getElementById("line1Checked").checked; if(status_check==true){ document.getElementById("line1").readonly="true"; } else{ document.getElementById("line1").readonly="false"; }

I shud make the text box readonly if the check box is selected. This is how the text box is defiened,

Please suggest..

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OK - now it's easier to understand - thanks. 1. make sure that use the styleId - attribute within your for the input-field. To set this input field readonly your javascript code should do:


hope that helps

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i got my answer.. var status_check=document.getElementById("line1Checked").checked; if(status_check==true){ document.getElementById("line1").readOnly="true"; } else{ document.getElementById("line1").readOnly="false"; } – Dj. Mar 29 '10 at 6:49
All the struts tags will be converted to html tags. so we can use this one – Dj. Mar 29 '10 at 6:50


do you get an error message for your 2nd javascript snippset? Also could post a little bit more code. From these few lines it's hard to see if text will be " or undefined. Anyway if you disable the textarea take into account that the input may not be posted.

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I have edited the question. Please check it and suggest me the solution. – Dj. Mar 19 '10 at 12:19

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