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I am trying following, 1. Get response using Ajax from the users selection which returns me the list of the radio buttons attributes as 2. Once i get the attribute list i am creating the radio buttons using createElement() 3. Then i am attaching the event to the radio button for onclick buttons. 4. Then i add element to the DOM using appedChild

The below is code for adding radio button (for IE)

var radio = '<input ';
radio += 'type ="radio" ';
radio += 'id="' + id + '" ';
radio += 'value="" ';
radio += '/>';
radioButton = document.createElement(radio);
radioButton.onClick = function(){alert('this is test')}
ele.innerHTML += 'none' + '<br/>';

Now in all this when i am adding the radio button to the DOM onclick is not working and i don't understand why ?

Thanks all

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You can dynamically add en element to the DOM by two ways: by inserting an html code into the parent element or by creating a child element with some properties. In your example the two methods are mixed - therefore senseless.

Method 1. Inserting HTML code:

var radio = '<input type ="radio" id="' + id + '" value="" />';
ele.innerHTML = radio;
document.getElementById(id).onclick = function(){ alert('this is test'); };

Method 2. Creating DOM child:

var radioButton = document.createElement('input');
radioButton.type = "radio"; = id;
radioButton.onclick = function(){ alert('this is test'); };
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The property is called onclick not onClick

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