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Which browser the android simulator (comes with ADT version-22) uses, Is it Chrome or Android Default browser?

As per my knowledge up to android 4.3 it uses Android browser and 4.4 onwards it uses Chrome. But still in Android Simulator 4.4.2 it is Android Default browser, why?

I need to test my web application in latest android browser which is chrome but latest Android Simulator 4.4.2 is still using Android Default browser.

Can anyone explain about this and how to use chrome in latest Android Simulator 4.4.2?

Thanks in Advance!!

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Yes, the simulator uses chrome. What you could do is use a project like "bluestacks" which supports Chrome as browser, or install chromium to the emulator: stackoverflow.com/questions/14747312/… –  Mdlc Jul 15 '14 at 8:41

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