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How can I access a changed values before and after update?

Suppose, I have Person1.

Person1.friends = [P2, P3, P4]

and then I update it so it becomes:

Person1.friends = [P2, P3]

how can I access the previous Person1.friends, so I could know that only P4 is removed from Person1.friends

I tried to compare Person1.friends on before_update and after_update, but they both yield the same results.

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I am assuming that Person1.friends is the value taken from the form in your update controller, and has therefore had the attributes changed, although not saved to the database. What you could therefore do is the following.

In the controller carry out the following before the save / update command

personold = Person.where( query for the person based on a value that haasn't changed).first

or you do a similar thing in the edit action

@personold = Person1

or somethig on those lines

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Person.friends simply returns a collection based on it's relation like so:


Instead of trying to recover the removed person from the collection try setting up the CRUD logic so that the destroy method in your controller returns the one removed like so:

select_person = Person.friends.find(1)
=> #<User id: 1, email: ''>
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