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I have to crawl the following url, which basically contains reviews. all the reviews there, has a review writer name, title for a review, and a review itself.

I've chosen "python-scrapy" to do this task.

But the url mentioned is not the start url, I will be obtaining it from the basic parse method. And in parse I will initialize a itemLoder. I will extract few items there and pass the items via meta of the response. (the extracted field contains information such as hotel name, Address, pricing etc....)

I have also declared items, namely "review_member_name", "review_quote", "review_review"

There are more than one review in the page and the review id for an review can be obtained from the response.url. (shown in parse method below)

since there are many reviews and all will share the same item name, the items get concatenated which should not happen. Can anybody suggest me a way to solve this?

below is my source for parse_review.

def parse_review(self,response):
    review_nos = re.search(".*www\.tripadvisor\.in/ExpandedUserReviews-.*context=1&reviews=(.+)&servlet=Hotel_Review&expand=1",response.url).group(1)
    review_nos = review_nos.split(',') # list of review ids

    for review_no in review_nos:
        item = response.meta['item']
        #item = ItemLoader(item=TripadvisorItem(), response=response) - this works fine but I will lose the items from parse method
        div_id = "expanded_review_"+review_no
        review = response.xpath('/html/body/div[@id="%s"]'%div_id)
        member_name = review.xpath('.//div[@class="member_info"]//div[@class="username mo"]//text()').extract()
        if member_name:
            item.add_value('review_member_name', member_name)

        review_quote = review.xpath('.//div[@class="innerBubble"]/div[@class="quote"]//text()').extract()
        if review_quote:
            item.add_value('review_quote', review_quote)

        review_entry = review.xpath('.//div[@class="innerBubble"]/div[@class="entry"]//text()').extract()
        if review_entry:
            item.add_value('review_review', review_entry)

        yield item.load_item()

following is my items.json ("review_review" is being removed and the items from parse method too is removed)

[{"review_quote": "\u201c Fabulous service \u201d", "review_member_name": "VimalPrakash"}, {"review_quote": "\u201c Fabulous service \u201d \u201c Indian hospitality at its best, and honestly the best coffee in India \u201d", "review_member_name": "VimalPrakash Jessica P"}, {"review_quote": "\u201c Fabulous service \u201d \u201c Indian hospitality at its best, and honestly the best coffee in India \u201d \u201c Nice hotel in a central location \u201d", "review_member_name": "VimalPrakash Jessica P VikInd"}]

And please suggest a good title for this question.

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You'll have to create a new ItemLoader before doing add_value on it; now you're creating one item, and adding new values to it again and again in the loop.

for review_no in review_nos:
    item = ItemLoader(item=projectItem(), response=response)


    yield item.load_item()

You can also use .add_xpath directly with the xpath you're supplying, and use response.xpath as the selector for the item when creating the ItemLoader, that way you can probably avoid all the if tests and let the load do what it should do: load items.

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Yes, This does work fine. But one more issue.I will edit my question –  Ashwin Rao Jul 15 at 12:49
Pls check the edited question @fiskfisk –  Ashwin Rao Jul 15 at 13:01
@AshwinRao I'm not sure what your second question is supposed to be. If it's not related to the original issue, you're probably better off creating separate questions. –  MatsLindh Jul 15 at 13:06
One thing that I can do is passing the details scraped from "parse" method as a simple dictionary. and then extracting those dictionary in "parse_review" and inside the for loop adding it to the item. But is there any other gentle way? Like creating a item loader in "parse" method itself. –  Ashwin Rao Jul 15 at 13:19
sorry for the bad structuring of my question. I am not good at English. My second question is I have a itemLoader already defined and loaded with the required value in "parse". And in other method(basically callback), I want to use that item in a for loop as shown in "Parse_review" method. In that case I ve a concatenated item. which has to be avoided. –  Ashwin Rao Jul 15 at 13:23

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