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How do you invoke a method from a Java class from IzPack? Static methods are OK, and I need to be able to pass it parameters.

Thank you!

Background info:

I am trying to write an IzPack installer which is able to detect a previously installed versions of the application. After finding out that it doesn't really support this feature (except in Windows), I think the only way to do this is through writing a Java class and calling it from IzPack.

Tim Williscroft has previously suggested this method, that reads the value of a static field of a class:

 <condition type="java" id="jbossEnv">
             <returnvalue type="boolean">true</returnvalue>

However, is it possible to call <java> from somewhere other than a <condition> tag? I want to be able to call it from a <variable> tag.
Also, is it possible to call a method from a Java class instead of reading a value of a field? I want to be able to pass parameters to my class.

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You can call static methods, but I don't think you can pass in parameters. You could create a new 'Condition type', but I have no experience with this so I can't confirm the flexibility it provides...

So, I don't have a direct response, but another suggestion which might help:

I tend to pass any complex post-processing on to separate processes.

Have you investigated the Processing panel? You can start any process, and pass in variables ..


  <job name="do xyz">
    <os family="windows" />
    <executefile name="$INSTALL_PATH/scripts/xyz.bat">
  <job name="do xyz">
    <os family="unix" />
    <executefile name="$INSTALL_PATH/scripts/xyz.sh">

I've used it to set up services and start up immediately. That kind of thing. Just make sure your script exits cleanly, otherwise IzPack will hang.

See here: http://izpack.org/documentation/panels.html#processpanel

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+1 @amir : Aha I think that the processing panel is a new feature in IzPack, I don't think I've noticed it before... Thanks for the heads-up! –  bguiz Apr 16 '11 at 10:34
Have another suggestion .. take a look at PackJacket. PackJacket wraps up IzPack with a GUI for building installers. Really nice tool: packjacket.sourceforge.net –  laher Apr 16 '11 at 10:47

Consider using the IzPack Ant integration


and the Ant Java callout task


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I am already using apache ant integration and the ant Java task... Do you have any suggestions specific to my question? –  bguiz Mar 14 '11 at 23:11
The thought is to wrap the callout into your Java class using Ant (although this is just repeating the suggestion above ...) –  gliptak Mar 15 '11 at 21:47

Hello In the link below you will find a nice help about izpack installer.


Link below contains a detailed pdf to make installer with izpack.



Imran tariq

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