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I am trying to run a statement to create a database and a user, but it seems laravel continues to run weird queries. My code is as follows:

$res = DB::statement("CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `?`", array($databaseName));
$res2 = DB::statement("CREATE USER '?'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '?'", array($databaseName, $password));
return $res . " - " . $res2;

I would expect the database to be created and a "true" result, but the query still gives me a false response and no database is created. Trying to run a statement with the $databaseName variable inside the query in a "dirty way" works, so I think there's something wrong with prepared statements. Which would be the right way to do it?

Thank you! :)

Update: I've managed to do it, but it seems there are still SQL-injection issues because I'm still not able to use prepared statements. The first solution I've found is the following one:

$res = DB::statement("CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `{$databaseName}`");
$res2 = DB::statement("CREATE USER '{$databaseName}'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '{$password}'");
return $res . " - " . $res2;
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I believe your bindings are automatically quoted so there might be a possibility that you just created the database 'db_name' with the quotes around it. Did that one get created? – user3158900 Jul 15 '14 at 11:52
Not in this case, but using variables (like `?`) you're right: they are quoted and the query generated causes the database name to be malformed. Eg.: DB::statement("CREATE USER '?'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '?'", array($databaseName, $databasePassword)); Isn't there a way to fix it? – Alessio Periloso Jul 15 '14 at 12:28
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Here's the code I've found that works:

DB::connection('database')->statement("CREATE USER '{$mysqlDatabaseName}'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '{$mysqlUserPassword}'");
DB::connection('database')->statement("CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `{$mysqlDatabaseName}`");
DB::connection('database')->statement("GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `{$mysqlDatabaseName}`.* TO '{$mysqlDatabaseName}'@'%'");

However, before you run these queries, you must make sure you have no SQL-injection in your code.

Hope this will help somebody else! :)

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It helped, i was like you, no way to make this work, tried without quotes, tried with named parameters (:id) ...etc Only your solution worked. Is it a bug ? – Stéphane Bourzeix Apr 1 '15 at 10:09
I'm not sure if this is the way you are supposed to deal with it, but to be honest since it works i don't care about it anymore. Yeah, it's not a clean solution, but right now it's not a huge deal :) – Alessio Periloso Apr 1 '15 at 13:58

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