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I have a json string:

var jsonString = "{\"editor1\":\"<b>abc</b>\",\"editor2\":\"<ul><li style=\"text-align: center;\"><b><i><u><strike>abc</strike></u></i></b><br></li></ul>\",\"timepicker1\":\"00:11:01\"}"

I need to convert this to a json object. This string contains both html and non html data. I'm using json parser in my js as below:

var jsonObject = JSON.parse(jsonString);

but when its parsing the HTML Style bit I'm getting this error:

Syntax Error: Unexpected token t.

How can I parse an HTML Element using json parser? Should I use another parser?

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If it were just an object, the code would look like

    "editor2":"<ul><li style="text-align: center;"><b><i><u><strike>abc</strike></u></i></b><br></li></ul>",

Notice the "..."..."..."

You need to escape the " characters inside one more time

...\"editor2\":\"<ul><li style=\\"text-align: center;\\"><b><i>...
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