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I have a requirement to create a nested JSON data with 3 levels of active record objects as follows:

  • Contact has many chantiers
  • Chantiers has many Photos
  render :json => contact.as_json(include: { 
                                    chantier: { include: { 
                                        photo: { only: [:url, :titre, :commentaires, :sharing]} }, 
                                    only: [:id, :nom_chantier]}
                                }, only: [:id, :type, :email, :firstname, :lastname])

Currently, the JSON all the records that are associated with the Contact. However I need to restrict the 3 level object Photo to display only those records with the "sharing" field equal to true.

Something like : Photo.where(sharing: true) instead of all Photos

Can anyone please advise on how to achieve that?

Many Thanks

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One way you can do this is by creating an association that is filtered to only show "shared photos", and then including that in your JSON output. In your Contact model, add the following:

# You probably have something like this already:
has_many :photos

# Below is what you need to add

# Rails 4
has_many :shared_photos, -> { where(shared: true) }, source: :photos

# Rails 3
has_many :shared_photos, conditions: lambda { where(shared: true) }, source: :photos

Once you've set up the conditional association, you can use it in an as_json call the same way you normally include associations, like so:

render :json => contact.as_json(include: :shared_photos)
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Thanks @ryan-brunner! –  Nawshine Aug 19 at 11:00

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