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I am trying to open a form via remote:true method. The form which i am opening has a @projects variable. How can i pass this @projects variable via link_to method.

<%= link_to "", project_path, remote:true, class="icon", id:"icon" %>
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You can use following code

<%= link_to "", project_path(:projects => @projects), remote: true, class: "icon", id: "icon" %>


<%= link_to "", project_path(projects: @projects), remote: true, class: "icon", id: "icon" %>
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class="icon" should not be used here, it sets the variable class equal to the string "icon" (and class is a reserved word in Ruby). Use class: 'icon' instead –  MrYoshiji Jul 15 at 14:52
yes that is correct, i forgot to change that.. Thnaks MrYoshiji –  Deepti Kakade Jul 16 at 5:16

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