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I'm using masonry style for my blog. I want to add infinite scroll to my blog.

I'm using custom php code( not use any frameworks).

I tried to use infinite scroll jquery from this website : http://infiniteajaxscroll.com/.

It doesn't work for me.

And this is my code:

 <div id="envor-posts-masonry">

                require 'blog_function.php';
                $query = "Select * FROM article ORDER BY post_date DESC ";
                $posts = get_posts($query);   
                foreach($posts as $post)
              <article class="post post-masonry">
                <div class="inner">
                  <h3><i class="fa fa-pencil"></i> <a href="blog_single_view.php?post_id=<?php echo $post['post_id']; ?>"><?php echo $post['post_title']; ?></a></h3>
                  <p>posted on <a href="">
                    $timestamp = $post['post_date'];
                    echo $data = date('d-m-Y',strtotime($timestamp)); ?></a> <br> by <a href=""><?php echo $post['author']; ?></a></p>
                <p><?php $content=$post['post_content']; 
                         $string = strip_tags($content);
                          if (strlen($string) > 500) {
                          $stringCut = substr($string, 0, 500);
                          $string = substr($stringCut, 0, strrpos($stringCut, ' ')).'....'; 
                      echo $string;
                <p><a href="blog_single_view.php?post_id=<?php echo $post['post_id']; ?>" class="envor-btn envor-btn-small envor-btn-secondary-border">read the rest <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right"></i></a></p>

 <script src="../js/jquery-ias.min.js"></script>    
    <script type="text/javascript">
              $('document').ready(function() {
                  var $container = $('#posts-masonry');
                   $container.imagesLoaded(function() {
                        itemSelector: '.post-masonry',
                         isFitWidth: false,
                         isAnimated: true
                      container: '#posts-masonry',
                      item: '.post-masonry',
                      pagination: '#pagination',
                      next: '.next',
                      onLoadItems: function(items) {
                          var $newElems = jQuery(items).css({ opacity: 0 });
                          $newElems.imagesLoaded(function() {
                              $newElems.animate({ opacity: 1 });
                              $container.masonry('appended', $newElems, true);
                          return true;

                  $(window).resize(function() {



Can any one help me for this??

Thanks in advance.

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Can you post your HTML, especially the code containing the #posts-masonry block? –  jbnunn Jul 15 at 13:08
@jbnunn ya sure. now you can view my html code also. –  Sathish Jul 15 at 13:11

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