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The following page http://drivenowcard.com/form.php works great on Chrome but when loaded with Firefox you'll notice that the form is off to the right quite a bit.

I'm new to CSS so what did I do wrong or what does Firefox do differently then Chrome?


<div id="beforeForm">
    <h2 id="customer" class="textFont">Customer Information</h2><h2 onclick="redirect('http://drivenowcard.com/privacy.php');" id="privacy">Privacy Notice</h2>
    <p hidden="" id="required">* Indicates a required Field</p>

<form id="actionForm" action="ajax/process.php" method="post">
    <!-- form contents -->

Note: This project is using Bootstrap 3

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You need to clear a left float that is cascading down from: <h2 id="customer" class="textFont">

This is the float in your CSS (don't change this)

#customer {
    float: left;

This is the CSS you need to add to your stylesheet to clear the float

#actionForm { 
    clear: left;
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Works perfect! Thank you! –  Subie Jul 15 at 13:53
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