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We are working on an ASP.NET 4.0 Web Forms application hosted on IIS. The problem is that from Site A the website is relatively fast, however, from Site B (which is on a different domain) the website is very slow. The main suspect is most probably the web services.

I am not the person who setup the network, I am just a web developer on this application. I need to help the network guys identify the issue. What is your recommendation to debug this issue and identify where exactly the delay is coming from? Solutions which came to mind are SoapUI, Profiling within IIS, dotTrace, etc. If there is a delay with the web service, I want a way to prove to the network guys that it is a network issue.

Also, it would be ideal that we can measure the time it takes when running multiple service calls so that we can compare it between different sites.

The web application is hosted on IIS 7.5 and WCF is being used for Web Services.

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Not sure what you mean. Is the website hosting the web services? Is it on the same domain as Site A, or are all three sites on different domains? Also, would you be allowed to add instrumentation code to the web service itself, because then you can measure the actual service response time with the network times removed. – stuartd Jul 15 '14 at 16:03

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