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I am completely new to drupal and still struggling with the structure (also I have no experience in PHP, I've mostly worked with C and matlab ealier).

I am writing a page that makes calls/queries (using javascript) to, this works as long as I manually enter the UUID. How can I get it from the drupal-database (MySQL) to my webpage/javascript the easiest way?

Please tell me if I left out important stuff, I am an engineer and have done quite a bit of programming, but never any web-development so I know very little about all this.

Any help appreciated.

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I suppose that you have connected your JS file and you use Drupal behavior:

So to send a php variable value to js you need:

drupal_add_js(array('myModule' => array('my_var' => $my_var)), 'setting');

and to access it in JavaScript:

 Drupal.behaviors.example_behavior = {
    attach: function(context, settings) {

      // Check if the variable exist.
      var dSettings = Drupal.settings;
      if (dSettings.myModule != undefined) {         
        x = (dSettings.myModule != undefined) ? dSettings.myModule.my_var : ''; 
        if (terms.length && x != '') {  
        // Variable exist.   



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Thank you for your answer, hower I don't think I have "connected [my] JS file and use Drupal behavior". As I am not comfortable at all with Drupal I have just created a basic page, and written all the JS within <script> tags. Where would I write the drupal_add_js(.... ) line? Thank you. – user2556352 Jul 16 '14 at 11:11

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