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I have trouble with changing round bracket tag in Javascript. I try to do this:

var K = 1;
var Text = "This a value for letter K: {ValueOfLetterK}";
Text = Text.replace("{ValueOfLetterK}", K);

and after that I get:

Text = "This a value for letter K: {ValueOfLetterK}"

What can be done to make this work? When I remove round brackets it works fine.

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It works for me in IE and Firefox - which browser have you tested this in? – Andy E Mar 19 '10 at 9:12
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To replace more than one occurrence, you need a regular expression with 'g' (=global) switch

 Text = Text.replace(/{ValueOfLetterK}/g, K);

If you're looking for a more generic way to replace placeholders in the string, this is how it could be done:

var myVars = { A: 1, B: 2 };
var Text = "This a value for a {valueOfA} and b {valueOfB} and a again {valueOfA}";
Text = Text.replace(/{valueOf(\w+)}/g, function() {
   var varName = arguments[1];
   return myVars[varName];

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It works for me in Chrome and Firefox... Try to escape curly braces and see what happens:

Text = Text.replace("\{ValueOfLetterK\}", K);
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Ah, yes, it replaces but only first letter. thanks – tomaszs Mar 19 '10 at 9:23

I don't see any problem with your code. I tried it in Firefox and IE, and it worked for me. Let me know witch browser yor are using.

var K = 1; 
var Text = "This a value for letter K: {ValueOfLetterK}"; 
Text = Text.replace("{ValueOfLetterK}", K); 


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