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My windows form application has a grid view control with filename as a default column. User should create a column of following types

Text, Number, Currency,
Combo Box, Check Box, Radio Button ,
Date time type (should display DateTimePicker control) and Hyper Link type.

After that i want to pass all rows to next screen for further processing. We can create a column of these types in a grid view but how can i store it in a data table so that i can pass it to next screen.

Or should i create a column in a data table and then assign data table to grid view by
gridview.DataSource = dt; but can we create a these types of columns in a data table.

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I don't quietly understand what's the problem is?

You need to create clumns in a grid and corresponding columns in a dataTable.

I use dataTableInstance.Columns.Add("ColumnName", typeof(DataType)); for data tables and for grid i use

SomeFieldType field = new SomeFieldType();
field.DataField = "ColumnName"; // Same as above, in dataTableInstance

When data binding should be done: gridInstance.DataSource = dataTableInstance;

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