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I'm sorry that this is probably a really basic question but I'm just beginning to program. Basically I need to increment a counter in VXML.

I've declared the counter as:

and in an IF statement I've incremented by doing this: the second assign tag increments the counter.

Thank you I have recognised a school

Is that concept correct?

Thanks for any help!

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is VXML voiceXML? – vtd-xml-author Mar 19 '10 at 16:55
@vtd-xml-author - yes vxml is VoiceXML – Jeremy Cron Jan 10 '11 at 20:34

I think information was left from your question. I believe you asked if:

<var name="counter" expr="0"/>
<if ...>
    <assign name="counter" expr="counter+1"/>

Yes, that is one way to increment a counter. You can also perform your logic directly in ECMAScript within a element.

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<vxml version="2.1" application="tellmeu_root.vxml">
  <var name="iStudentID" />
  <var name="iStudentPIN" />
  <var name="iRetries" expr="1" />

  <catch event="event.retry_login">
    <prompt>Invalid i d or password</prompt>
    <assign name="iRetries" expr="iRetries+1" />
    <if cond="iRetries == giMaxLoginRetries">
      <throw event="event.login_retries_exceeded" />
    <goto next="#get_id" />
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