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Can DDD be used for a software that is marketed as a platform/foundation? Platform meaning as the basis of a software in which it is sold to companies and used as the foundation and extended by other developers. And one that is sold internationally which might contain different business rules.

For example, an accounting or payroll system. Different countries can have different rules about the processes. You create a foundation in which is very extensible so that other developers could implement the rules using your pre-created entites/repositories/etc as the foundation. Or as an another example, for eCommerce platforms/framework like VirtoCommerce but in DDD.

I'm thinking DDD is great at targeting projects where the domain is explicitly defined and well known (after requirements gathering) since we are modeling the business domain but if the business domain can vary, I am not sure. Would it be better to use a traditional layered n-tier architecture for these type of projects?

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All projects have a domain, therefore all projects can be DDD. The domain of the framework will probably map to the domain the end-user is building for. –  Engineer Dollery Jul 15 at 21:50

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