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I downloaded Linux mint KDE 16 64 bit iso.

but when i boot with it, after 10 sec screen blink continuously i cant even see anything on the desktop except few Linux on Linux mint default wallpaper.

I am getting too much irritated and disappointed from Linux pls help.

I have Amd athlon x2 process with inbuilt nvidia 7025 graphics.

Having 4 GB DDR2 ram of Kingston.

any help pls ?

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i don't know what is off topic here sir, i just ask a question on linux which is general topic here – Nowhere Jul 15 '14 at 15:42
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Nikhil, i can know your pain. lets follow some steps, see if they work.

At your desktop just navigate your mouse on the desktop bottom left corner, keep navigating you will get some content there.

  • click on start menu launcher
  • search for system settings.
  • click on Desktop effect in the second line first option.
  • Go to Advance
  • in composting type switch to OPENGL 1.2 (Default was OPENGL 2.0).

click on apply on the bottom left and then everything is fine now you can proceed further.

you should install your graphic driver for permanent solution

System setting >> Driver manager >> click on your nvidia card and then Apply changes.

And one more thing Linux isn't irritating ;)

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Thanks !! a lot man, you saved my day ... i was thinking that my screen was faulty.. thank you Real people here, who give time to newbies,, great bro – Nowhere Jul 15 '14 at 15:40
enjoy KDE and answer markup is appreciable – Nowhere Jul 15 '14 at 15:44

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