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I am developing a application that sends in jquery a parameter via URL like this:

json = JSON.stringify(chk);
base64 = Base64.encode(json);
location = '?route=home/debts/insert&json='+base64;

where chk is type array.

Then in the target page I am decoding it in PHP with:

$chk = json_decode(base64_decode($_REQUEST['json']));

On local server this works miracle, but when into live system, on the server, I can't get the URL parameter, actually the $_GET['json'] or $_REQUEST['json'] are blank, even if I can see them in the URL format

Could someone give me a hint about what am I wrong?


The var_dump($_GET) fired: array(1) { ["route"]=> string(17) "home/debts/insert" }

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Perhaps something wrong with the location variable? –  briosheje Jul 15 at 16:58
Nope, the redirect is ok, the desired page loads fine, only the json parameter isn't –  rosuandreimihai Jul 15 at 16:59
Do a var_dump($_GET) and post the results. Also, do you use any .htaccess rewrites? –  Mr. Llama Jul 15 at 17:02
@Mr.Llama: I have added the result. An yes, the site is using .htaccess but not in this subfolder –  rosuandreimihai Jul 15 at 17:05
perhaps try to console.log(base64); and, as Mr. Llama said, var_dump($_GET). Just want to be sure that everything is getting passed correctly and actually is correctly encoded or whatever. –  briosheje Jul 15 at 17:06

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Can you update the location variable as below (I have inserted a / after insert) and try?

location = '?route=home/debts/insert/&json='+base64;

I have faced a similar issue, where I used Apache in my local machine and IIS on the server. IIS had a config issue and it was not able to handle the URL without the /.

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You should URL encode all parameters. You can add URL encoding to the base64 data by adding the following: base64 = encodeURIComponent(base64);

You should also think about URL encoding route=home/debts/insert as route=home%2Fdebts%2Finsert

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