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I have created an WPF form which includes the BusyIndicator from Extended WPF Toolkit. This window runs on new thread and implements INotifyPropertyChanged. Next, I bind the BusyContent to the Property which shows fine on BusyContent but seems not updating. Any Ideas ?

    <xctk:BusyIndicator IsBusy="True" BusyContent="{Binding BusyText, Mode=TwoWay, NotifyOnSourceUpdated=True, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" >

 private string _busyText;
    public string BusyText
            return _busyText;
            _busyText = value;
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The question is whether you block the UI thread. –  H.B. Jul 15 at 17:20
WPF uses "Windows" not Forms... –  Okuma.Scott Jul 15 at 17:21
I don't block the UI since the property changes on specific intervals. –  Jim Jul 15 at 17:24
@Jim: That does not mean anything, i can have a busy loop that changes the property in fixed intervals, it would still block the UI. –  H.B. Jul 15 at 18:55

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I've implemented the solution with background Thread and it started working:

BackgroundWorker worker = new BackgroundWorker();
worker.DoWork += (o, ea) =>
        BusyText = ReceivedMessage;
worker.RunWorkerCompleted += (o, ea) =>
    _busyIndicator.IsBusy = false;
_busyIndicator.IsBusy = true;
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