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I am new to window services. I have one that does certain things to either a postgresql or a Sql compact database. Each one is extremely similar(because its a service it has OnStart() and OnStop()...) to the other except for a few methods.

    protected override void OnStart(string[] args)
        //normal code for database, in both services, but can't call from Interface

     private void SetUniqueTimer()
       //unique to certain database
     private void SetUniqueTimer2()
      //unique to other database

I was wondering for future code re-usability if I could add an interface for different types of databases. I've combined the code from both into one service and depending on which database I need to communicate with in the future I can just add an interface and call the appropriate methods? Also because OnStart and OnStop are protected I can't call them, will they never start or stop? If I need to clarify please let me know. The main point I'm trying to do is make the service re-usable for future use, and easy maintainability Also if this is completely wrong direction to take please suggest better more efficient way

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You're possibly looking for the DbProviderFactory –  Filburt Jul 15 at 17:38
Or if you want to go ORM, you could set this up so the objects look the same regardless of the underlying DBMS - msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/ef.aspx –  Jasmine Jul 15 at 17:39

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