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I have a base ViewModel and associated View. I also have multiple derived ViewModels from the base ViewModel, but I'd like to use the base View for display.

Base ViewModel and View:

  • vm: MyCompany.MyApp.Modules.Wizard.ViewModels.WizardViewModel
  • vw: MyCompany.MyApp.Modules.Wizard.Views.WizardView

Derived from WizardViewModel:

  • vm: MyCompany.MyApp.Modules.NewSpec.ViewModels.NewSpecViewModel : WizardViewModel
  • vw: (map to MyCompany.MyApp.Modules.Wizard.Views.WizardView)

  • vm: MyCompany.MyApp.Modules.NewSpec.ViewModels.NewMaterialViewModel : WizardViewModel

  • vw: (map to MyCompany.MyApp.Modules.Wizard.Views.WizardView)

I think this should be possible using the mapping in ViewLocator or ViewModelLocator or NameTransformer, but I haven't figured it out yet.

I am using the Gemini Framework with Caliburn.Micro v1.5.2 (I plan on upgrading to v2 soon).

Here is one of the things I have tried:

public class NewSpecViewModel : WizardViewModel
    // ...
    static NewSpecViewModel()
        // Escape the '.' for the regular expression
        string nsSource = typeof(NewSpecViewModel).FullName.Replace(".", @"\.");
        string nsTarget = typeof(WizardViewModel).FullName;
        nsTarget = nsTarget.Replace("WizardViewModel", "Wizard");
        // nsSource = "MyCompany\\.MyApp\\.Modules\\.NewSpec\\.ViewModels\\.NewSpecViewModel"
        // nsTarget = "MyCompany.MyApp.Modules.Wizard.ViewModels.Wizard"
        ViewLocator.AddTypeMapping(nsSource, null, nsTarget);
    // ...

P.S. I know there are existing Wizard frameworks (Extended WPF Toolkit, Avalon Wizard, etc), but I don't want to add another 3rd party assembly and the Extended WPF Toolkit Wizard wasn't working properly.

P.P.S. I also want to use this style of base ViewModel/View mapping elsewhere.

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Here's [a link] (https://caliburnmicro.codeplex.com/discussions/398456) to right way to do this.

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