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I am using Hackberry A10 with a Linaro 3.0.101 distro. I am trying to run ffserver and ffmpeg to stream audio and video at the same time. From terminal, these are possible. But now I want to make them run at the start of my device's boot.

The script contains:

case "$1" in


cd /home/linaro/bin/

./ffserver -f /home/linaro/Desktop/mpeg.conf &

./ffmpeg [ code ] &



exit 0

After that I type the following commands:

chmod 755 [scriptname]

update-rc.d [scriptname] defaults

After I reboot the device, nothing happens. The camera light does not turn on. But when I try to run ffserver with the same configuration, it does not allow me, nor does it tell me that there is an error.

Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks in advance!

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after trying to run those commands from root terminal, i found that i need to locate where hw:0,0 is. Does anyone know where hw:0,0 is? Or where the alsa folder is?? –  Aldo Daniel Jul 15 '14 at 18:13

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