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I am using sqlcmd in a T-SQl script to write a text file to a network location. However SQLCMD is failing to write to that location due to access permission to the network folder. SP is being run under my user account which has access to the network folder.

Could you please help me under which account sqlcmd will run if I do not specify -U and -P option in TSQL Script?

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If you don't provide credentials with -u/-p it will try to use windows authentication; i.e the windows account of whomever is running it.

I often just use Process Monitor to look at what account is being used and what the permission error is.

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You have troubles finding column User Name in Task Manager? –  wqw Mar 19 '10 at 11:11
If you open up the command prompt and type SET you will see the logged on user it is trying to use from your session. –  Ioxp Mar 19 '10 at 14:28

Use this to find the user name:

PRINT Suser_Sname();
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You say you are using SQLCMD in a T-SQL script, don't you mean you are using SQLCMD to run a T-SQL script? How is your script writing a text file? Does it work in SQL Manager? My guess is that the user account SQL Server is running under doesn't have access to that location.

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