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I am having some issues with getting DROOLS to work in Eclipse Luna, I am also not familiar with DROOLS at all. With that being said, I've followed the official documentation on how to install DROOLS 6.0.0. using their update site. I also have installed the most recent version of the required GEF. I am able to create DROOL projects, but it appears that some of the plugins/dependencies are missing. When I try to run the provided examples, none of the imports are working, more notably this one:

import org.kie.api.KieServices

(any drools import really)

I also get an error saying that "1.8 is not a valid language", so I tried running a java project in java 1.7, and I get the same error. I also tried finding that kieservices jar plug in and added it, but I get the same issues. I feel like this could be an easy fix and I forgot to install something, but I'm not sure. I'd appreciate the help!

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