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I want to make a case-insensitive index in Neo4j using Py2neo. Read through the docs and googled a lot but didn't find anything. There seems to be this option in Java but not in Py2neo.

Please help!

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You can pass configuration options into the GraphDatabaseService.get_or_create_index function as indicated here:


These arguments are passed directly into the REST call as described here:


Hope this helps.

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When using legacy indexes you can supply a configuration upon initial creation of the index. You have to set to_lower_case=true in combination with type=fulltext.

Schema indexes on the other hand do not yet support case insensitivity. As a workaround, introduce a copy of the respective property, e.g. name -> nameLower, which gets populated by the lowercase variant of that string. You could do something like this on existing datasets:

CREATE INDEX ON :Person(nameLower);
// --- use seperate transaction 
MATCH (p:Person) set p.nameLower = lower(p.name); // maybe apply LIMITs for large amount of nodes

Your query string of course needs to use lower case:

MATCH (p:Person {nameLower:'john'}) RETURN p
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Thanks! I am using legacy indexing with the inbuilt batch functions of py2neo (get_or_create_index, add_indexed_node). Any idea how might I be able to include to_lower_case=true and type=fulltext? I also realize that making case-insensitive index using Cypher might be possible but I'd favor using the in built functions. –  huhahihi Jul 16 '14 at 11:04

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