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I have a remote Ubuntu server which is connected to a Cisco VPN using VPNC. The routing on the server has been correctly configured to only use the VPN connection for specific IP's. I can confirm that this connection works and I can access the necessary resources on the VPN network.

I would like to route all traffic to those same IP's from my laptop (also Ubuntu) through the server and over it's VPN connection. The reason for this is because certain services on the VPN that I need to access have to be locked down to specific source IP's for security. Apparently the fact that I am securely connected over the VPN is not good enough for the network I am connecting to. Unfortunately I am often on the road and use a 3G connection so a fixed IP on my laptop is not an option.

My thought was to set up my remote server (which has a fixed IP) as a VPN server itself which would allow me to connect securely and direct the required IP's through to it. This I have managed successfully using PPTP. I can verify that my laptop attempts to send the packets over the VPN to my server where they appear to be discarded.

How do I now create that connection on my server between traffic coming in on the VPN connection between my laptop and my server and routing it through the VPN connection between my server and the destination network? It would also be necessary to ensure that the destination network saw the traffic as originating from my server.

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Since I cannot comment, it seems to me you can route the incoming connection using ip filters and send it to a different gw.


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