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I am new at SQLPlus and I want to enforce a CHECK CONSTRAINT on a column that stores names.

I want the constraint to not allow for names to be entered that starts with a Q.

this is what I have:

ALTER TABLE table1 ADD CONSTRAINT table1_name_ck CHECK( name, substr(1,1) ='q');

I am getting the errors:

cannot validate (USER1.TABLE1_NAME_CK) - check constraint violated

AND errors

CHECK( name, substr(1,1) ='q')
ERROR at line 2:
ORA-00920: invalid relational operator.

I cannot figure out how to fix these errors or find the correct way to implement this. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!. I don't think this code work for lowercase q and uppercase Q but I'm just trying that out for now.

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Shall we warn Quentin? –  Dan Bracuk Jul 15 at 22:45

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You need to pass the column to the substr call:

   ADD CONSTRAINT table1_name_ck CHECK( substr(name, 1,1) ='q' );

To make this work for upper and lowercase you need to enhance this a bit:

   ADD CONSTRAINT table1_name_ck CHECK( substr(name, 1,1) NOT IN ('q','Q') );
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not in, surely? The question says not allow starting with Q, despite the attempts using =. The OP's use of = instead of != might cause the 'cannot validate' error too, at least if that constraint had been valid... –  Alex Poole Jul 15 at 22:26
Thank you! I tried that and it is still giving me the cannot validate -check constraint violated error? Do you know how to resolve that? –  truff Jul 15 at 22:27
That means you have values in that column that do not start with q or Q –  a_horse_with_no_name Jul 15 at 22:30
ohh, thanks! =) –  truff Jul 15 at 22:30

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