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Can you recommend me on places where i can read and see examples on usage of Lambda operator in c# .

I will really like to see a lot examples on it...


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Apart from a search on Google, I'd probably recommend getting the free version of CodeRush / Refactor! from DevExpress. One of the refactorings is to convert code to lambda expressions, and can be an excellent way to see real-world, relevant examples based on your own code.

Edit: The Lambda Refactorings that come with CodeRush Xpress are detailed here

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Can you put me a link to it i just can't see it on their page... – Night Walker Mar 19 '10 at 11:57

Eric White has a nice blog entry on some examples of Lambda expressions: 

Otherwise, as each expressions is generally bespoke to the requirement I'd advise a decent book to get you started. Many of the Linq title cover lambda expressions well. Personally I'd recommend Linq in Action

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+1 for LINQ in Action, section 2.4, page 55. – Rap Apr 26 '10 at 23:32

Try this link: It offers both theoretical background and examples.

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Jon Skeet wrote an excellent book that tackles lambda expressions but also goes into a tremendous amount of depth on topics that might be new to someone coming from a C# 1 or 2 background.

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Two other good introductions to C# lambda expressions:

The first (disclaimer - my blog) will give you a quick explanation of the fundamental concepts. The book provides complete coverage of all relevant topics.

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