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I want to divide the window into 2 parts. Each part I can draw a different thing. How can I do that in openGL ?

(Actually, my problem is I already drawn a picture on the window. Now I want to get some "space" out of it so I can draw something else. The original picture already took the whole window).

I appreciate if anybody could help.


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You can use the glScissor command to do that. With glScissor, you'd split the screen in window coordinates and render to sub-parts of the screen. scissors protect parts of the already rendered output from being overwritten.

glScissor is made for the case where you know the dimension of your respective sub-images beforehand. If that is not the case, you'd have to go for a different solution.

Depending on your specific scenario, you might instead want to render to different windows (although that could be troublesome with GLUT) or use a different approach, such as image-based rendering.

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Thank you, glScissor did great! –  tsubasa Mar 20 '10 at 21:18
did anyone find an android example of doing side by side rendering? –  Burf2000 Feb 20 at 16:51

See the documentation of glViewport: man glViewport

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There's a tutorial about drawing with multiple viewports on the NeHe site:


Hopefully it's somewhat useful.

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