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I'm trying to find documentation for "bb.utils.contains". I found the code in pokey/bitbake/lib/, but that code is poorly documented. For instance, it takes a parameter named "d". What is "d"? How do you even get started with a short non-descriptive name like that?

I've downloaded and searched all the yocto and poky documents, and performed a number of web searches, to no avail.

Does anybody know of a good reference to the built in bitbake python utilities?

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I believe do is some sort of object that represents the environment of the bitbake recipe.

It appears you can get and set variables (which would be the shell-looking variables in the .bb files).

Aside from reading through the code I have no idea but would be interested to know.

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'd' is the current dictionary of all the values being extracted from the environment and recipes. See and

I agree the bitbake docs are not always complete, but there is a bitbake-dev mailing list that can help as well.

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