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I need to determine if a given selection is in between a start line and an end line. I have an ILineRange and a given offset within the viewport of eclipse. (I need to know, if the selection (from a remote party) was made within the current viewport of the local user. Unfortunately, I cannot get an ILineRange from the selection. I must rely on getOffset() and getLength()...
Anyone has an idea?
I think there is not a clean solution for this, as the offset (or the characters per line vary (new line lines or a big block of comment).

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When you say "viewport", you mean the eclipse output viewport? –  Tom Brito Mar 23 '10 at 16:38
with "viewport" I mean the visible lines of the currently opened editor window for the local user. –  Gnark Mar 23 '10 at 16:55
neither of the 2 given answers apply? –  Tom Brito Mar 24 '10 at 11:42
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The conversion between positions and offsets can be done with IDocument's API (methods around getLine*()). (I'm not sure I fully understood your question, but I do hope that this is helpful information.)

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Maybe you can check if that org.eclipse.linuxtools.dataviewers.annotatedsourceeditor.STOverviewRuler class deals with the same kind of problem you have.
Something along the lines of:

  int numbersOfLines= document.getNumberOfLines(annotationOffset, annotationLength);
  // don't count empty trailing lines
  IRegion lastLine= document.getLineInformationOfOffset(annotationOffset + annotationLength);
  if (lastLine.getOffset() == annotationOffset + annotationLength) {
    numbersOfLines -= 2;
    hh= (numbersOfLines * size.y) / maxLines + ANNOTATION_HEIGHT;
    } else
  fAnnotationHeight= hh;

  int startLine= textWidget.getLineAtOffset(annotationOffset - visible.getOffset());
                        yy= Math.min((startLine * size.y) / maxLines, size.y - hh);
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