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Some mac apps, like iTunes and Spotify, react to the play/pause/next/previous buttons on some Apple keyboards.

Presumably they're tapping into some sort of NSNotification, how can I do the same?

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I do this by subclassing NSApplication (and setting that class as the application class in my target's info) with the following:

#import <IOKit/hidsystem/ev_keymap.h>


- (void)mediaKeyEvent:(int)key state:(BOOL)state
 switch (key)
  // Play pressed
   if (state == NO)
    [(TSAppController *)[self delegate] togglePlayPause:self];

  // FF pressed
   if (state == YES)
    [(TSAppController *)[self delegate] seekForward:self];

  // RW pressed
   if (state == YES)
    [(TSAppController *)[self delegate] seekBack:self];

- (void)sendEvent:(NSEvent *)event
 // Catch media key events
 if ([event type] == NSSystemDefined && [event subtype] == NX_SUBTYPE_AUX_CONTROL_BUTTONS)
  int keyCode = (([event data1] & 0xFFFF0000) >> 16);
  int keyFlags = ([event data1] & 0x0000FFFF);
  int keyState = (((keyFlags & 0xFF00) >> 8)) == 0xA;

  // Process the media key event and return
  [self mediaKeyEvent:keyCode state:keyState];

 // Continue on to super
 [super sendEvent:event];

The "state" in -mediaKeyEvent:state: is for up/down. In my app it makes sense to only react to the play/pause key when it's back up (done pressing), but I continuously react to RW/FF events while the key is down for seeking.

I'd love to know of a better way to do this if it exists, though. Currently, unless the user disables these keys in the global keyboard shortcuts, it controls my app and iTunes. :-)

This code has been used quite awhile in my transcription app and works well (aside from the global keyboard shortcut issue above).

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Brrr, magic numbers. You may be interested in NX_SUBTYPE_AUX_CONTROL_BUTTONS and NX_KEYUPMASK/NSKeyUpMask (the latter being 0x800 in the keyFlags variable). – Peter Hosey Mar 19 '10 at 23:22
Yeah, I was going to mention that very phrase but thought the "better way" encompassed it. :-) Thanks for the constants. – Joshua Nozzi Mar 20 '10 at 0:07
RegisterEventHotKey may let you claim control of these hotkeys? If you register a hotkey like Cmd+Space, you can stop it being handled by Dock as well as your app. – Nicholas Wilson May 31 '13 at 16:32
RegisterEventHotKey() is a Carbon call. Carbon is obsolete and these APIs should be expected to go away at any time. In fact, I'm surprised it's stayed around this long. – Joshua Nozzi May 31 '13 at 17:37

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