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I used the Z3 Java API of expr.Substitute(Expr[] oldArgs, Expr[] newArgs), and got stuck. Wondering if there's a bug in the substitution process.

Here's some declarations:

(declare-const addr_of_s (_ BitVec 16))
(declare-const m_10 (Array (_ BitVec 16) (_ BitVec 16)))
(declare-const size_10 (Array (_ BitVec 16) (_ BitVec 16)))
(declare-const pre_disjoint_10 Bool)
(declare-fun disjoint_10 ((_ BitVec 16) (_ BitVec 16)) Bool)
(declare-const label (_ BitVec 16))
(declare-const label_0 (_ BitVec 16))

This is the expression to be substituted:

(= (select m_10 (bvadd addr_of_s (bvmul #x0003 #x0001))) #x0000)

oldArgs: {m_10, size_10, pre_disjoint_10}


{(store (store (store (store m_10 addr_of_s #x0031)
                 (bvadd #x0001 addr_of_s)
          (bvadd #x0002 addr_of_s)


(and pre_disjoint_10 
     (disjoint_10 label label_0) 
     (bvuge (bvadd label label_0) label)
     (not (= label #x0000)))}
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It seems to have a non-terminate code there. –  Betsy Jul 16 '14 at 2:59
Are you using the latest "unstable" version of Z3? In case you are able to create a repro could you post it as a bug on z3.codeplex.com? –  Nikolaj Bjorner Jul 28 '14 at 15:51
@NikolajBjorner Solved with latest version of Z3 –  Betsy Jul 30 '14 at 18:40

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