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I already had node 0.10.* and I installed nvm, then through nvm I installed 0.11.13 and 0.10 again.

node --version gives back 0.11.13

I try to use some of the ES6 features I read about and nothing I tried works.

I run my script with node --harmony index.js

...args says SyntaxError: Unexpected token .

let x = 5; also gives an error - SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Where can I find what's currently supported in 0.11.13?

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Are you missing strict mode by chance? stackoverflow.com/a/11326647/362536 –  Brad Jul 16 at 3:06
@Brad - I was missing that, oops. I added that to the top of the file and now I get a different error - SyntaxError: Unexpected strict mode reserved word in let –  Madd0g Jul 16 at 5:51

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Try this instead

"use strict"
let x = 5;

It will work.

run it like following

node --harmony file.js
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I now get this after I added "use strict" to the top of the file. SyntaxError: Unexpected strict mode reserved word –  Madd0g Jul 16 at 5:46
@Madd0g this error occurs when you run command without --harmony flag. Run it with node --harmony file.js –  Mritunjay Jul 16 at 6:17
Wow. node --harmony script.js is not the same as node script.js --harmony –  Madd0g Jul 16 at 7:51
@Madd0g No, it definitely isn't. You should have put that in your question. What you were doing was passing arguments to your Node.js script, not to Node itself. –  Brad Jul 16 at 13:16

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