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I have a small cluster (4 machines) set up with 3 slaves and a master node, all installed to /home/spark/spark. (I.e, $SPARK_HOME is /home/spark/spark)

When I use the spark shell: /home/spark/spark/bin/pyspark --master spark:// everything works fine. However I'd like for my colleagues to be able to connect to the cluster from a local instance of spark on their machine installed in whatever directory they wish.

Currently if somebody has spark installed in say /home/user12/spark and run /home/user12/spark/bin/pyspark --master spark:// the spark shell will connect to the master without problems but fails with an error when I try to run code:

    class Cannot run program 
    (in directory "."): error=2, No such file or directory)

The problem here is that Spark is looking for the spark installation in /home/user12/spark/, where as I'd like to just tell spark to look in /home/spark/spark/ instead.

How do I do this?

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You need to edit three files, spark-submit, spark-class and pyspark (all in the bin folder).

Find the line

export SPARK_HOME = [...]

Then change it to

SPARK_HOME = [...]

Finally make sure you set SPARK_HOME to the directory where spark is installed on the cluster.

This works for me.

Here you can find a detailed explanation.

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