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I have a gridview connect to a sqldatasource that I need to convert to a dataset. The reason I want to make the gridview to dataset is to use the dataset in reportviewer.Anyone know how to do this? or is their a better way to view a gridview in reportviewer?

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possible duplicate of asp:SqlDataSource to DataSet Items –  Șhȇkhaṝ Jul 16 at 5:12

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Assuming I can post this before your question gets deleted for not being specific....

You can go directly from an SqlDataSource to a DataSet:

asp:SqlDataSource to DataSet Items

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Steve Wellens you should consider deleting this answer. This is not an answer, this should be a comment. Its against SO policy to post here. Not flagging this are you are YOU :) –  naveen Jul 16 at 11:11

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