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I have need an action if it has any tag value for a UIButton.

If it has no tag value need to take another action.

I have tried following but it is crashing.

-(void)buttonClick:(id)sender {

    NSInteger t = [sender tag]; //crashing here if it has no tag value

    if(t) {
    } else {
        //another action

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What is the crash message? –  Paulw11 Jul 16 at 5:52

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Try this, u have to set button.tag=100

if ([sender isMemberOfClass:[UIButton class]])
        UIButton *btn = (UIButton *)sender;

        // Then you can reference the title or a tag of the clicked button to do some further conditional logic if you want.

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Why to set tag value to 100? Why not to do just "if([sender tag] == 0)". @Ramesh Kumar –  Student Jul 16 at 6:01
its ur wish its not compulsion –  Ramesh Kumar Jul 16 at 6:08

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