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Hi i new to oracle i have installed oracle forms 10 g on my windows 7 32 bit local machine, everything is fine whenever i try to run the form it gives error like FRM-40039 can't attach library while opening form.

BUT it works fine whenver i put my and fmb,fmx and .pll , .plx library in a path oracleDEVhome_1\forms but when i place all fmb.fmx,.pll,.plx file in seperate directory like c:\orion it

gives the error like frm-40039 can't attach library while opening form abc

All my .pll,.plx ,.fmb,.fmx files are in the same file named orion.

The over all configeration wat that i did is,


  workingdirectory=c:/orion #i have put front slash as directed in formweb.cfg 

3)system environment variable
 PATH=c:\program files\java\jdk 1.8.0\bin;

4)FORMS_path variable in regedit

5)form shortcut start in path

please help me to fix this i have wasted two with this problem

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i have an issue with reports 10g on windows 7 32bit .it gives blank internet explorer browser window when i running my report.anyone help me on this please –  user3728743 Jul 18 at 7:10

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You have a couple of typos in your registry entry:

  ^                                         ^

If those aren't an artefact of your SO post you should correct them.

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I have got a solution.what did is, whenver i opened a form builder first time,i just login to the database before opening a form,then everything works fine no issues thanks APC. –  user3728743 Jul 18 at 7:09
thanks for your response APC, i have an another issue with my form builder whenever i run my sample test report10g it display blank internet explorer browser window.please help me on this.i using windows7 32bit machine –  user3728743 Jul 18 at 7:14

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