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I'm trying to applicate on my webpage a fade in effect on the content of my webpage but instead of getting the fade in effect my content is just "hiding".

This is the CSS I'm using:

/* make keyframes that tell the start state and the end state of our object */
@-webkit-keyframes fadeIn { from { opacity:0 !important; } to { opacity:1 !important; } }
@-moz-keyframes fadeIn { from { opacity:0 !important;  } to { opacity:1 !important; } }
@keyframes fadeIn { from { opacity:0 !important; } to { opacity:1 !important; } }


.fade-in {
    opacity:0;  /* make things invisible upon start */
    -webkit-animation:fadeIn ease-in 1 ;  /* call our keyframe named fadeIn, use animattion ease-in and repeat it only 1 time */
    -moz-animation:fadeIn ease-in 1 ;
    animation:fadeIn ease-in 1;

    -webkit-animation-fill-mode:forwards;  /* this makes sure that after animation is done we remain at the last keyframe value (opacity: 1)*/

    -webkit-animation-duration:1s ;
    -moz-animation-duration:1s ;
    animation-duration:1s ;

.fade-in.one {
    -webkit-animation-delay: 0.7s ;
    -moz-animation-delay: 0.7s ;
    animation-delay: 0.7s;

For this piece of html:

<div data-role="content" id="contenidoHistoria" class="fade-in one">

        <p>Entre los melismas sonoros del rebalaje y las intrincadas calles del antiguo barrio del Perchel, y a la sombra espiritual de su Iglesia parroquial del Carmen, surgi&oacute en el a&ntilde;o 2005 el sue&ntilde;o colectivo de un grupo de j&oacutevenes de aquel barrio, que bajo el &aacutenimo y el empuje del entonces p&aacuterroco nuestro querido Manolo Segura- se propusieron poner en marcha la hoy conocida como Banda de Cornetas y Tambores de Nuestra Se&ntilde;ora del Carmen del Perchel-M&aacutelaga.</p>

    </div><!-- /content -->

If I set opacity as NOT 0 on ".fade-in { opacity:0; /* make things invisible upon start */" I can see the content, but of course that's not what I'm looking for.


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please share your code in a fiddle along with the script –  Srihari Jul 16 '14 at 7:33
Jquery has in built fadein effect. U don't really need all that css. --- w3schools.com/jquery/jquery_fade.asp –  Tasos Jul 16 '14 at 7:36
I'm developing for phonegap on IOS, If I use jquery fade in effect, the screen makes a "blink" effect, that's why I want to do it with css3. –  user3280424 Jul 16 '14 at 7:44
Try using jquery.. –  user3218194 Jul 16 '14 at 7:46

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Remove the !important from your animation properties. (And also remove the "fadeIn" just below your keyframe declaration.)

Here's a working version:


I also edited the shorthand of the animation declaration to decrease your code.

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not working on firefox –  vlrprbttst Jul 16 '14 at 8:12
Hi Leon thank you very much for your answer, but It's not working for example in my case for Safari I guess, I'm still getting the content hide without the fade animation –  user3280424 Jul 16 '14 at 8:15
I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that I edited the shorthand for the animation slightly, and I forgot that Firefox interprets the shorthand slightly different. Here's a working version for Firefox: jsfiddle.net/x62pU/2 –  Leon Jul 16 '14 at 8:31
Leon, I'm using it on chrome for example to test my iphone app developed on phonegap (jquery, etc) but I can't get it to work either –  user3280424 Jul 16 '14 at 8:45
The jsFiddle link I provided is working for me in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It's also working on my iPhone. Are you testing my link or your own code? If so, could you provide a fiddle of the code you're testing? –  Leon Jul 16 '14 at 8:54

I got it to work in firefox, chrome and safari. Here is the JSFiddle link.

@-webkit-keyframes fadeIn { 0% { opacity:0; } 100% { opacity:1; } }
@keyframes fadeIn { 0% { opacity:0; } 100% { opacity:1; } }
.fade-in {
    opacity:0;  /* make things invisible upon start */
    -webkit-animation: fadeIn 1s ease-in;
    animation: fadeIn  1s  ease-in;
    -webkit-animation-fill-mode: forwards;
.fade-in.one {
    -webkit-animation-delay: 0.7s;
    animation-delay: 0.7s;

Hope this helps!

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