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I know there are tons of other threads about it, but I couldn't find any which could help me.

So I've got VS2013 Ultimate installed. I've got an old project which works with only VS2008SP1. On other compilers it has compatibility issues which I don't want to bother with. So I would like to try to compile it from 2013 with 2008 tools, so I hope I can compile it without uninstalling my current VS2013.

  • So, if I install VS2008, will this overwrite my current 2013 or just getting added as a toolset?
  • If I use 2008 toolset, will this work the same way as I had a VS2008?
  • Do I have to do something else to make it work?

And just a secondary question which is not related to may current question at all: If I compile a lib with VS2013, can I use this lib in my VS2008 Project, or do I have to compile the lib with VS2008 too?

Thank you for your answers!

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Microsoft doesn't recommend installing VS 2008 if you already have VS 2013 installed. In general they say:

We recommend that you install Visual Studio versions in the order in which they were released. For example, install Visual Studio 2012 before you install Visual Studio 2013.


So, to answer your question: you probably should uninstall VS 2013, but you can install it again after installing VS 2008. Before doing that though it might be a good idea to clean the register as well as file leftovers from VS 2013 to avoid compatibility problems.

And yes, you can use 2008 compiler in 2013 version. There are a plenty of SO thread about it, e.g. :

Use Visual Studio 2012 and compile with older platform toolset?

How can I use Visual Studio 2010 with the Visual C++ 2008 compiler?

If I compile a lib with VS2013, can I use this lib in my VS2008 Project, or do I have to compile the lib with VS2008 too?

You have to compile this lib in VS 2008, if you want to use it with VS 2008.

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So you say, that I should uninstall VS2013, then install 2008 and install 2013 too? This way I will have the ability to chose 2008 as a compiler at platform choosing. Right? So if I compile that lib with 2008 toolset, I'll be able to use it with my 2008 project, right? Thank you! –  Unc3nZureD Jul 16 '14 at 10:39

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