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I'm trying to get WebRTC PeerConnection client on ubuntu to work with nodejs.

First I tried wrtc (https://github.com/js-platform/node-webrtc). I manage to run the client, but I cannot seem to fetch the the data stream. I've noticed the the RTCPeerConnection/PeerConnection on this module have different functions/implementation than when I run inside chrome. So I went looking for another nodejs PeerConnection.

I tried: https://github.com/Rantanen/node-peerconnection

The already compiled version throws an error: _ZN6webrtc17BitrateController23CreateBitrateControllerEv

I figured that to get it to work properly, I have to compile the peerconnection on my machine.

I've followed http://www.webrtc.org/reference/getting-started and compile webrtc in the directory: /home/myuser/.webrtc/. I have /home/myuser/.webrtc/trunk/out/(Debug/Release). I have peerconnection_client executable.

Next I cloned: https://github.com/santiago/node-peerconnection (another implementation, with a make file). When I'm trying to run the makefile (make WEBRTC_ROOT_PATH=/home/myuser/.webrtc/trunk) I get the error:

src/node_peer_connection_client.h:9:18: fatal error: node.h: No such file or directory
 include <node.h>

I have /usr/include/nodejs (and /usr/include/node symlink). I've noticed that there's an src dir inside (/usr/include/node/src/node.h).

Other things I tried:



Basically, I'm trying to get a PeerConnection client that has been compiled on my machine to work with nodejs.

Any help will be appreciated ;) Thanks

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Did you ever find a solution to this? Trying to get the same thing working myself though webkit webrtc stuff is not on node –  JerryFox Oct 16 '14 at 19:04

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node-webrtc suppose to be the good choice for the time being, the project is alive. If you have any problems you should post an issue there.

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