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I want to write route to serve static files in servlet application.

For example if i write /stlye/** it should map to /webapp/assets/css/** . Reason is I may be changing location of static contents later, so I dont have to change link wherever I included that content in the code.

I am UI developer and using servlet for first time. In node.js - express I use to write route for static content like

app.use("/styles/", express.static(__dirname+"/public/assets/css/"));
app.use("/js/", express.static(__dirname+"/public/assets/js/"));
app.use("/images/", express.static(__dirname+"/public/assets/images/"));

Is there any way to do the same in servlet application.

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What you means by route static content? Default webapp is able to host for static content. you just need to put it under webapp/<app>/ directory. If the path is css/main.css, you can access through http://<server-name>:<port>/<app>/css/main.css –  hutingung Jul 16 '14 at 10:59

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