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I have the following domains classes:

class Posts{
      String Name
      String Country
      static hasMany = [tags:Tags]

        static constraints = {

class Tags{

    String Name
    static belongsTo = Posts
    static hasMany = [posts:Posts]
    static constraints = {
  String toString()


Grails creates an another table in the database i.e. Posts_Tags.
My requirement is:

E.g. 1 post has 3 tags. So, in the Posts_Tags table there are 3 rows.

How can I access the table Posts_Tags directly in my code so that I can manipulate the data or add some more fields to it.

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If you want to access the join table (Posts_Tags) directly, or add properties to it, then you must define it as a separate PostTag domain class. You then split your many-many relationship between Post and Tag into 2 one-to-many relationships (one from Post to PostTag and one from Tag to PostTag).

Here's a comprehensive example of how to perform the mapping and add properties to the join table - in this example Membership is the join table.

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Use the normal groovy sql API. For an example of how to get a groovy SQL object and execute sql queries see this

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This doesn't answer the 2nd part of his question about how to add extra fields to the join table –  Dónal Mar 19 '10 at 19:21
Yes it does, if you have a groovy SQL object you can use alter table statements, insert, etc. –  Jared Mar 19 '10 at 20:17

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