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I'm working with Flask, Ember-widgets and Highchart. My question is, is possible have in a same template (then, this template is run in jinja2) Ember-widgets and Highchart without using Ember.Object.extend? This is because for Ember, in the template, I need put {% raw %} and I can't pass an argument from flask using the line below:

return render_template('plot.html', data = array_values)


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You are not required to keep your whole template in a {% raw %} container; you can mix and match:

{% raw %}
  {{#accordion-item isActive=true title="Foo Bar"}}
{% endraw %}
    This is text in an accordion, with a 
    <a href="{{ url_for('blah') }}">link elsewhere</a>.
{% raw %}
  {{#accordion-item title="Bar Baz"}}
    Anim pariatur cliche reprehenderit...
{% endraw %}

You can selectively insert angle-bracketed instructions with interpolation too; the following is not a raw section:

{{ '{{' }}#popover-link-component tagName="button"
    class="btn btn-primary" title="{{ popover_title }}"
    content="{{ popover_content }}" {{ '}}' }}
{{ '{{/popover-link-component}}' }}

Here the {{..}} angle brackets around the popover component are inserted by Jinja2 instructions, the closing tag is one string interpolation.

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