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I have a set of functions that are taken from server's web service (written in SOAP protocol). I want to connect to this server and send commands according to these specific functions via a console app.

However, I suppose I need to establish a connection to the server by using classes like "Endpoint", "HttpBinding", "Bindingprovider" etc. (I do not know I am right or wrong about these classes) However, due to all my attempts I could not connect to this remote server for sending commands.

I have its service address, service url, QName info, login credentials (username, password). I used these parameters in a number of combinations, but I am really stucked with connecting. What are the protocols for connecting, sample codes, or anything that may help? Thanks in advance.

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Since you have specifically listed out C#, I am assuming that you have a little working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio.

  1. In Visual Studio, create a new Console Application
  2. Right click on your project and click on Add Service Reference
  3. Copy paste the SOAP URL which you have and click on discover. At this point, you should be able to see what all services and methods (operations) the service allows you to execute; Give it any convenient Name Space
  4. Import the necessary namespace by making use of using
  5. Create a service object: Example: tempConversionService is my Name Space and TempConvertSoapClient is my service client and serviceObj is my service object which can be used to invoke methods in the client (make use of . after the object so that you can see the different methods associated with the service
  6. Sit back and have fun invoking web services!


tempConversionService.TempConvertSoapClient serviceObj = new tempConversionService.TempConvertSoapClient();

You can make it your application specific. Pass the login credentials, authenticate yourself, then do whatever you want to do with your web service.

Hope this helps!

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