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I need my bash script to get function names from user. The script should assist the users by auto completing the functions defined inside the same bash script file.


function func1()
    echo "In func1 func"

function func2()
    echo "In func2 func"

function myFunc1()
    echo "In myFunc1 func"

while [ 1 ]
    echo -n "cmd>"
    read $userCmd

]$ ./
cmd> my<tab><tab>

cmd> func<tab><tab>
func1 func2

This is my required output. How to accompany this?

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Half an answer: use the -e option to read to use readline to process the input (which will include command completion). The harder half is to get readline to use only the locally defined functions as potential completions for a command name. –  chepner Jul 16 '14 at 14:18
apparently it's real pain to do, and I don't know if the bug described in this answer has been corrected or not –  Ploutox Jul 16 '14 at 14:54
@Ploutox - I was searching for that post, but couldn't remember how to find it. That bug bit me too when I tried to do this. Great find! –  ghoti Jul 16 '14 at 14:59

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This workaround should do the trick.


func1() {
    echo "You are in func1: $@"

func2() {
    echo "You are in func2: $@"

myFunc1() {
    echo "You are in myFunc1: $@"

#use: autocomplete "word1 word2 ..."
autocomplete() {
     #we only try to autocomplete the last word so we keep a record of the rest of the input
     if [[ ${#OTHER_WORDS} -ge ${#READLINE_LINE} ]]; then #if there is only 1 word...

     #the -W flag tells compgen to read autocomplete from the 1st argument provided
     #we then evaluate the last word of the current line through compgen
     AUTOCOMPLETE=($(compgen -W $1 "${READLINE_LINE##* }"))
     if [[ ${#AUTOCOMPLETE[@]} == 1 ]]; then #if there is only 1 match, we replace...
        READLINE_POINT=${#READLINE_LINE}     #we set the cursor at the end of our word
        echo -e "cmd> $READLINE_LINE\n${AUTOCOMPLETE[@]}" #...else we print the possibilities

MYFUNC="func1 func2 myFunc1" #here we list the values we want to allow autocompletion for
set -o emacs     #we do this to enable line edition
bind -x '"\t":"autocomplete \$MYFUNC"';   #calls autocomplete when TAB is pressed
while read -ep "cmd> "; do
    history -s $REPLY    #history is just a nice bonus
    eval ${REPLY}

To try it :

]$ ./
cmd> my<tab>
cmd> myFunc1

cmd> func<tab>
func1 func2

cmd> func1 hello, world!
You are in func2: hello, world!

cmd> func1 my<tab>
cmd> func1 myFunc1

As mentioned in my previous comment, have a look at this question. It uses a nice trick to auto detect all inner functions in order to use it as auto-complete values.

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Thanks a lot @Ploutox. This works perfectly for me :) –  Ashwin Jul 17 '14 at 13:12

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