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Has anyone ever used any Java based open soure cms tools? I am evaluating jackrabbit specifically. Does anyone have any thought on it or know something that is better?

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There's a list of Content Management Systems on Wikipedia that can be sorted by language. It includes several that are Java-based. Perhaps that would be a good starting point. Although I don't have any experience with any of those, I do like options.

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I've used Apache JackRabbit Content Repository for Java in the past to store and manage metadata for digital assets. And it does it's job pretty well. It uses Lucene under the covers to search the repository for textual references.

If you are looking for web content management that is built on JackRabbit, you should look at Magnolia (http://www.magnolia-cms.com/home/products/community.html) or Sling (http://incubator.apache.org/sling/site/index.html) which is OSGi-based.

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OpenSourceCMS allows you to try CMSs out without downloading and installing.

Jackrabbit is really a framework for building CMS-like and CMS related tools, so perhaps a straight comparison between CMSes may not fit the bill for you.

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We've been using Magnolia, which is built on JCR, at Texas State for about two years now, and really like it. It's simple to use, modular, elegantly engineered, and highly customizable (moreso even than we need). It has definitely been a breath of fresh air after the time we worked with Vignette and its crotchety API.

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If you like portal integration I would try out the ECM stack of Hippo.

Hippo CMS integrates (& uses): - Jackrabbit - Lucene - Wicket - jetspeed - Spring - Maven


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Alfresco is an open source enterprise CMS (with a web CMS add-on) that uses a JSR-170 compliant content repository similar to the Jackrabbit content repository.

Also, here's another list of Open Source Java CMSs in addition to the list mentioned by Thomas Owens above: Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) in Java

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There are not so many CMS based on "Jack-the-Rabbit", as far as I know this is the exhaustive list:

  • Jahia
  • Hippo
  • Magnolia
  • Day

(let me know if I missed one of course!)

They are quite different to each others. I can't say one is better than another one (Jahia is my favorite but I can't be neutral on that!), it depends on your projects requirements and obviously these products are not so similar despite the fact they are all using Jackrabbit.

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The company I work for uses dotCMS its open source, GPL licensed, J2EE, and JSR-170 compliant. We feel it’s the best Java based “web content management system” on the market; however if you are looking for a digital asset management system I would try Alfresco.

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if your running on a j2ee server then you could look into a coldfusion or jruby solution since both compile down to java you can access their classes in your java code and java in your coldfusion/jruby code. This could also give you the flexability of a scripting language with your existing java apps.

For coldfusion you could check our Far Cry's CMS.

For jruby you could use: radiant , or easily adapt typo a bloging cms.

I know you asked about java, but if your coding for j2ee or anything really that you might need a cms, you might want the flexible power of scripting in your java.

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