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If I insert a content in a div manually, the plugin works fine to the content. But if I used 'the method of replacement with Jquery' in order to insert a content to that div, the plugin doens't work to the content.

Here is the Jquery that I used that makes the plugin doesn't work:

      $('.bigPicture').html($('#pilihWarna li .bigHidden:first').html());
      $('.smallPicture').html($('#pilihWarna li .smallHidden:first').html());

   $('#pilihWarna li').click(function(event) {


The replacement works fine, the Jqeury transfer the content from hidden div to the div of replacement content including its class and ID.

I am wondering if the content that has been transfered to the div is only a method of manipulation, so that the plugin can't find the real content inside that.

The plugin I use is this: http://www.jqueryscript.net/demo/Cloud-Zoom-Image-Zoom-jQuery-Plugin/

Anyone can help me to use another Jquery that can run this plugin, please!

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